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Réinventé was started in Fall 2015 with the purpose of things being reinvented and re-purposed. We chose the elegance of the French pronunciation and have named each of our candles after cities in France.

As a local company, we strive to create a product that is natural, hand made, and clean burning. Our beginning five scents were picked to reach every type of person as well as for any occasion. Whether it be a masculine scent for a single male in his bachelor pad or a natural scent during a relaxing bath after a long day at work; our candles are here for you. 

Locally produced in Charlotte, NC. Réinventé candles are not only made from 100% all natural products but burn cooler, cleaner and longer. Unlike paraffin made candles, our soy product allows for long burning times due to the 0% of hazardous materials incorporated. The soy wax we also use allows for health benefits such as using the cool melted wax as a hand moisturizer.


We hope you enjoy our products!

The Réinventé Team

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